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What exactly is NLP? What is the difference that makes a difference?

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes some people succeed, no matter what they take on? Or have you ever pondered over why you haven't come quite as far as you had imagined you would, why you didn't achieve quite as much as you thought you would have? You most probably have, but on the other hand, have you ever noticed that you got all the way and reached your target without you even putting all that much effort in? Why is that? What did we actually feel, experience or think about? Is there in reality such a thing as a difference that makes a difference?

NLP is an approach or a system of alternative therapy that incorporates tools and techniques that are easy to assimilate and use. These tools will help you change your thoughts and behaviors, quickly, efficiently and with lasting results. You will learn how to make better use of your resources, set challenging, appealing goals and achieve them. How to communicate better and understand others based on your purpose and aim. How get rid of bad habits, overcome obstacles and conquer your fears. Inspire yourself and others to do new things, adopt a new attitude and think the kind of thoughts every individual would most like to think!

With the help of NLP you will acquire practical skills used by prominent communicators as it has been proven that excellent communication is the basis of all great results. NLP techniques has proved invaluable for both personal development as well as professional mastership. This e-book will give you the essential tools that will help you transform whatever you want in your life, which in turn will lead you achieving whatever you desire.

When you sharpen your ability to communicate with NLP, you also end up increasing your efficiency and improving your leadership and results. When you learn exactly how communication works and make the decision that you want to develop your communication skills, you will start to notice a difference straight away. Your will also get better at understanding and influencing others.

In this almost three hours audio you will learn more about NLP and personal leadership. And yes, you can actually learn how to steer and control your consciousness and create entirely new results.

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Author Camilla Gyllensvan

Read by Adam Carnaby

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  NLP communication and leadership
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Camilla Gyllensvan
Camilla Gyllensvan

My biography

Camilla Gyllensvan is a true thought leader using powerful mindset changing tools she’s determined to disrupt your perceived limitations and help you uncover your true self that will make an impact and leave a legacy.

As a child Camilla was always very curious and wanted to know how everything worked. Growing up she consistently wanted to know how things works. And always asking turned out to be a very good skill as a trainer of NLP and hypnosis in training students in excellence and as well as a hypnotherapist helping client overcome lifelong hurdles and limiting beliefs and limitations that kept them from achieving their goals and dreams. I know because before I began my training. I also kept myself small and wanted to do great things but lacked the motivation and tools to actually do them.

Camilla’s strong belief is that “every human has the recourses within they need to create a life to thrive in life! I have successfully worked with client for the last 15 years, helping them gain their perfect weight, become a heathier leaner you, free from nicotine and get past limitations, overeating and procrastination. Obsessive thinking, feelingsof not being good enough, releasing stress and anxiety. Impostor syndrome gain self-esteem and sleep much better and improve their relationships, finances and business. As well as conquer life’s biggest battle, the one that goes on inside our self.

Camilla makes mastering your mindset easy and effortlessly, working with high achievers who are ready to take their life to the next level and are ready to coach them self to success I know the value of effective and powerful tools to accelerate their learning. As a author I have published several books and audios that supports my clients and help thousands of people begin their self-discovery journey on a daily basis

Being an international trainer on NLP, hypnosis Time Line Therapy® Camilla conduct trainings world wide which produces top class coaches who are a big part of creating a positive change in the world.

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